The Project

A while ago, I saw a series of short interviews in which passers-by were asked to share the one message of their mothers that had taken hold most in their hearts and guided them in their most critical choices. The answers ranged from true nuggets of wisdom to amusing anecdotes and even complete stories that had marked defining moments in the lives of mothers and their children.

As time went by, I thought of turning the sadness we feel when our nearest and dearest pass on into a public legacy by collecting messages of hope from people aged 70 or over.

Please take the time to consider which lessons life has given you, the maxims that younger generations can rely upon, and the insights you have gained from events that occurred to you or to people close to you, whether positive or negative. If possible, let it be a reassuring, and maybe even lively, message.

 If the resulting collection of reflections indeed has the depth and variety that I expect, I will structure the material in a way that it could be appealing for publication. In this case, only your initials and country of residence will be used to maintain anonymity.

All results originally spring from an idea we dared to put into action. Let’s shape this together into a beautiful legacy without limits in time or geographical borders.

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